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  The Ensemble - Verónica Larc

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, Verónica Larc grew up in Buenos Aires and represents the third generation of a family that is passionate about tango. At the age of six, she was initiated to voice, guitar and classical ballet. She arrived in Quebec, Canada in 1978 and continued her studies in classical guitar at the Quebec Music Conservatory in Montreal. At the same time, Verónica increasingly integrated her voice to her musical panorama. By 1986, she makes her first professional appearance as a singer- with her father the bandoneon player Romulo Larrea - at the Universal Exhibition of Vancouver, Canada. Since then, their collaboration has flourished.

Verónica's activities expand beyond her stage performances into musical and artistic production, composition and arrangements. She also released a solo album entitled Pulsión Latina. A versatile artist, her South American heritage and her North American experience, guides her passion for world music. In 2011, she was invited to perform at the Koerner Hall in Toronto for the world première of Canadian composer James Rolfe, entitled TANGO: del amor imprevisto.

In addition to her numerous participation on CD with the Ensemble Romulo Larrea, she regularly tours with the Ensemble. Now recognized as «La nueva voz del tango» (the new voice of tango), Larc is an accomplished signer and her silky voice blends harmoniously with the tango tradition.




Verónica Larc

Photo: Sjaak Peters

Verónica Larc

Photo: Denis Beaumont


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